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Morning Kołobrzeg

August 2005, Baltic Sea

History in an overview: 1653 – Brandenburgians build the first Festung Kolberg; the city deteriorates. 1761 – Russians capture Kołobrzeg during the Seven Years War. 1807 – Festung Kolberg defends itself for over two months during the Napoleon’s invasion of Prussia. 1872 – the stronghold gets pulled down; 60 years of prosperity happens. 1933 – NSDAP wins the elections, Hitler becomes the city’s honorary citizen, Festung Kolberg gets rebuilt. 1943 – Germans pull thousands of troops from the front lines to roll the last epic propaganda movie, Kolberg. 1945 – Zhukov’s army sieges the city for two weeks, destroying 95% of its buildings. 1987 – during the clearing of the Parsęta river-bed, Polish army blows up the three-centuries-old shooting gallery (scheduled for rebuilding which never happened).

I believe Kołobrzeg should reevaluate their approach to military in the future.